DEAR 2017

December 31, 2017


Dear 2017,


Some days I wish I could stomp on your shadow 

And curse you 365 times over 

But I’d be lying if I said saying goodbye was easy

What pain you brought my heart 

But what love you allowed in 

What you gave and what you took away will always mark my heart

There will be scars physical and internal that will shine your name forever 

You created a road for me to pave whether I liked it or not

You showed up in the face of many discomforts 

Many struggles

And many victories 

The way you so violently slashed through my heart, my mind, and my soul

Only to leave them open, vacant, exposed for contemplation 

I never saw myself in this light before 

One so raw I wish I could walk blindly by 

But you taped my eyes open

Made me stare into the hardness, the brokenness that can accompany a soul 

And I dug

I began to see myself as a paver because of you 

Winding new roads in search of the truth 

Discovering a new way to love, to think, and to see the world 


You will always be the year of SAGE

And for that alone I will always cherish you despite the hurt you carried 

Because Sage changed everything 

She made the bitter somehow taste sweet

& one things for sure 

In 2017, she changed me.





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