October 29, 2017


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 My heart has never felt so heavy 

I am present in every beat

They're lengthy

They're tired 

Effort lies within them these days

My chest feels tight

My stomach drops low

It twists when I remember you're gone

My body feels weak these days

It feels so incapable of simple things

It was strong with you, Sage

It carried you

Cared for you each day

It was you

You made me strong

You made my heart beat faster

It was always you
You were why I got up each morning

I looked in the mirror and felt so powerfully beautiful

You put a glimmer in my eyes

A stream of hope up my spine

Often people would tell me I was glowing

But it you

It was always you

My light

My angel

My beautiful girl

You made me burst at the seams with joy on the dire days

Your movements, shifts, your precious kicks

All just memories now

Your tiny back

Warm and fuzzy with sweet little baby hairs

Your lips

Perfectly shaped and peaceful

Your hiccups

Your little noises 

Please stay in my memory forever

My beautiful girl

It was always you 

You made the stars shine brighter

You made the clouds feel warmer

It will always be you.



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