"Being able to find purpose from the ashes that life can hand us is the ultimate gift."
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I'm Bridget. Born and raised in Toronto but currently living in beautiful California with my best friend, my husband, Ryan. Together we own and run a Health and Fitness company called Cataclysm Fitness. It's based out of Laguna, California but we train and work with people all over the world. It's an exciting feat being able to build your dreams alongside your partner.


2017 was the year that flipped our lives upside down. It shook us to our foundations, tested us many times, and took every form of wind out of our sails. It was the year we lost our precious baby girl, Sage. Life would never be the same again.  Social media became an outlet for me during this time— part of my coping through the ins and outs of it all. Writing became my ultimate therapy. And as I shared our story I began seeing glimpses of hope and purpose in our pain. So I chose to continue to share our story, the rawness that life has given us, but also the pureness of finding our feet once again. In hopes that maybe it will bring a sense of hope to you too, or even just a simple shared emotion of "me too" and knowing you're not alone.

So that's exactly what this blog is... a space that intertwines life in all its fullness and heartbreak. Being able to find purpose from the ashes that life can hand you is the ultimate gift.


So here’s to making something beautiful out of nothing and to finding purpose amidst the ashes.


Love, B

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